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Linux Administration professional with experience in high availability networks and programming. Highly skilled in network security and troubleshooting.


... New York, NY
Senior Solutions Engineer, 2013 - present

In late-2013 I shifted positions to one of the leading companies in cloud computing where I've focused on transitioning large financial firms to the cloud. This has been a very intensive role, requiring not only a deeply technical understanding of large scale cloud operation in both infrastructure and software, but the ability to merge the technical to business goals and operations. From the on-set of an engagement I take a very consultative role, gathering business requirements from different levels of an organization; Those requirements are then translated to a technical design which can disseminated both internally to service delivery engineers, but also to the business leaders of my clients. I focus on helping to realize not only very large scale projects - such as grid computing clusters, big data initiatives and highly transactional financial systems - but also to reduce risk, cost and enhance reliability.

... New York, NY
Senior Solutions Architect, 2012 - 2013

In mid-2012 I transitioned from the role of a systems engineer/administrator to a solutions architect. This transition created a new role inside the company, and a new department. My responsibilities in this role have been supporting the sales team by providing real-time analysis and engineering for customer demands; Providing thought leadership to our company; Interacting with our marketing team to generate white papers and technical documentation; And involving myself deeper in the community to provide technical leadership and activism, which internally drivers our product development and quality of service provided to our customers. As this was a new role inside this company, I have also been a driving force to start the SA department, manage time, and promote cross-team communication and collaboration.

... New York, NY
Senior Linux Engineer, 2009 - 2012

This opportunity has allowed me to develop products with some of the most advanced hardware available. I have played a key roll in helping to bring an infiniband based private and public cloud product to market utilizing a 40GB/s storage fabric. Other duties have included project management roles, advisory and think-tank roles, educational roles to train junior staff members, and software development. One development project I led centered around building automation tools to help streamline server deployments; the systems utilized were Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. Additionally I have acted in the capacity of tier 3 customer support for exclusive clients requiring a dedicated engineer to oversee and manage their services.

... VA
Senior Network Engineer & Security Analyst, 2007 - 2009
Network Engineer & Security Analyst, 2004 - 2007

Of the many projects I personally oversaw in my tenure at -- redacted -- , one of the most notable was the installation of a facility wide 802.11a/b/g network infrastructure. This required the employment of specialized tools, such as spectrum analyzers and signal generators, to determine best placement for AP's in a multi-floor building with several generations of construction types.

Other duties included

  • Project management of in-house software projects for user provisioning tools.
  • Installation and maintenance of Cisco networking equipment.
  • Enterprise domain management with Samba on Linux, utilizing LDAP to store credentials, and integration with Windows Server 2003 environments.
  • Server virtualization with Xen and VMWare, including server high availability with DRDB and Heartbeat (ha.d).
  • Management of IPSec VPN connections to partner facilities. Management of web applications using mod_perl and Apache (1.3, 2.0 & 2.2).
  • HIPAA Security management and compliance, including policy writing and coordination with legal and nursing teams to ensure valid practices and procedures.

Notable: Recognized and promoted in 2007. Received commendations for going above and beyond in 2007 and 2008.

... Lynchburg, VA
Internet Systems Architect, 2003 - 2005

  • Design and implementation of full ISP.
  • Managed, budgeted, and implemented all the necessary systems to create a successful ISP using only open source technology.
  • Helped to create a full customer base, including T1, T3 and collocation customers.
  • Worked with incumbent telecommunications companies to secure deals for dsl subscribers and network peer points.
  • By being very budget conscious, this ISP went from start-up to cash-flow positive in less than six months.

... Charlottesville, VA
Network Consultant & Website Development, 2002 - Present

  • Design and implementation of web technologies with a heavy focus on Perl, PHP and JavaScript development.
  • Deployment of small business networks using Linux based servers and other open source technology.
  • Implementation of VoIP phone systems using Asterisk PBX based on Linux servers.
  • Development of large scale web applications using PHP MVC frameworks and Apache 1.3 & 2.2.

... Charlottesville, VA
Network Engineer, 2000 - 2002

... Charlottesville, VA
Customer Support, 1999 - 2000

... Stanardsville, VA
Computer Technician, 1995 - 1999